Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC or SKB)

Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you)

Do you know what is Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC) or in Bahasa Melayu Sijil Kelakuan Baik (SKB)? 

Previously in my post Fortnight, I share that I am going to an interview. Alhamdulillah I manage to secure that position. One of the requirement is to submit a Certificate of Good Conduct. This is my first time applying for CGC. My husband on the other hand, had apply for CGC back in 2014. During that time, you had to physically go to Wisma Putra and fill in the form, make the payment and Voila you secure your CGC. Now, it just a click away, you can apply for your Certificate of Good Conduct at e-Konsular website.

Before we dive into this matter, let's discover the basic first, shall we?

What is Certificate of Good Conduct?

Certificate of Good Conduct is a document that verify an individual have no misconduct or criminal record during the period of residence in Malaysia.
- e-Konsular website

 Why you need Certificate of Good Conduct?

CGC is one of the prerequisites required by almost all countries for the purpose of applying for study, work and residence permits.
- e-Konsular website


How to apply for Certificate of Good Conduct?

Step 1 
Go to https://ekonsular.kln.gov.my

Step 2
Click Sign Up Now for register. Fill in the details and click Register.

Step 3
Login to the system with your register User ID and Password

Step 4 
Under the tab Certificate of Good Conduct click New Application

Step 5
Fill your personal information, supporting information and purpose of travelling.

Step 6 
Upload passport sized FACE photo.

Step 7 
Scanned copy of the passport detail photo.

Step 8 
Click View and Submit application. Before you click this, please ensure your details are correct because once you click submit, you will not be able to amend anything. Please, check, check and check before you click.

And theeennn...? (This is from the movie Dude, Where's My Car? credit to Movieclips)

Wait for an email. I apply my CGC on the 8 February 2023 and I get the email for collection of CGC on the 27 February 2023.

You can choose either to collect your certificate at the Consular Service Counter or to receive your CGC via postal service. I choose to collect my CGC at Consular Service Counter Putrajaya. 

Things to bring along during the collection of the certificate:

  • CGC Acknowledgement Slip
  • Cash payment of Ringgit Malaysia Twenty (RM20)
  • Your IC or Passport

On the morning of 28 February 2023, my husband and I went to Wisma Putra. At the guard post, you must scan a QR code. Answer all of the question, only then you get a pass to enter Wisma Putra. The main building is just 2 minutes walking distance. After the main entrance, turn left to go to the Consular Service Counter.

At the first counter, you need to provide your CGC Acknowledgement Slip and Identification Card or Passport. You will received a queue number. Proceed to the second counter. Then, wait for your number to be call out. Please make sure you bring cash with you as you need to make cash payment at the second counter. Overall the process for me to obtain my CGC is under 15 minutes. 

Well that's it. 

Ta-ta for now. Fi Amanillah.


  1. Congrats on getting the positions.
    I never knew bout the CGC.. All the best to ya..

  2. Saya datang dari segment. Done follow..saya pun masih baru dlm blog. Jom follow saya juga. 😉



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