Strawberry Hokkaido Cupcake - FamilyMart

Strawberry Hokkaido Cupcake - FamilyMart

Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you)

Winter is coming....wait a minute...different genre altogether.....

Spring bloom is coming to FamilyMart land (now it make more sense.....right? ^^)

Proximity FamilyMart to my current workplace is between 5 to 7 minute walk. Hence this FamilyMart had become my second kitchen. Today my friends and I decided to roam once again to FamilyMart looking for a meal. 

I like to look out for any new menu. I found out that from 8 February till 21 March 2023 FamilyMart introduce new menu in occasion of spring time.

This is the list of Spring Bloom menu:

  • Buttermilk Popcorn Chicken Fettuccine
  • Triple Chocolate Choux Cream
  • Raisin Brioche Bun
  • Strawberry Hokkaido Cupcake

I decided to try out the Strawberry Hokkaido Cupcake because at that time I am looking for light meal (others may think it otherwise 😅). The price for Strawberry Hokkaido Cupcake is RM 4.90.

FamilyMart description for its Strawberry Hokkaido Cupcake; A fluffy and airy Japanese inspired cupcake with sweet strawberry flavour.

Strawberry Hokkaido Cupcake - FamilyMart

My verdict: I like the taste of Strawberry Hokkaido Cupcake. As per advertise this cupcake is fluffy. It is not to sweet even though there are plenty of cream (on top and at the centre). 

Would you give it a try?

A Nudge: When it come to the taste of food, everyone have their own preference. There are people who like durian but not tempoyak (condiment made from fermented durian), people who drink soy milk but hate tempe (fermented soybeans). This post is based on my personal preference.


  1. Thank you for your sharing buddy. I will try it. Look delicious. nyum..nyumm

    1. Since you are not a sweet tooth, i think you will like it ^^

  2. I did try the triple choc choux cream yesterday.. its so nice & not too sweet

    1. Nice, I'm going to give it a try, thank you for sharing.


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