Rye Breakfast - Burger King

Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you)

Today for the first time my husband and I decided to try out Rye Breakfast at Burger King. Even though the menu selection is simple, I am excited to place my order. This is what Burger King have to offer for breakfast:

Rye Chicken Strips
Meal RM 8.90
Ala Carte RM 5.90

Rye Cheesy Caramelized Onion
Meal RM 7.90
Ala Carte RM 4.90

Rye Beefacon
Meal RM 9.90
Ala Carte RM 6.90

Rye Mushroom Swiss
Meal RM 10.90
Ala Carte RM 7.90

My husband chose Rye Mushroom Swiss, while I picked Rye Beefacon (fun fact, I love meat ^^). Both of us choose coffee for our drinks (another fun fact, we loveeeeeee coffee ^^)

Rye Breakfast is served until 1200 noon so you don't need to rush. You have plenty of time to purchase one of those yummy meal (don't worry if you buy more then one, I am certainly.... not going to judge you ^^)

My verdict: I love that the Rye buns is soft, it's truly compliment the juicy eggs and crispy beef strips.

Would you give it a try?

A Friendly Reminder: When it come to the taste of food, everyone have their own preference. There are people who like durian but not tempoyak (condiment made from fermented durian), people who drink soy milk but hate tempe (fermented soybeans). This post is based on my personal preference.


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